About the Show!

The Alaska Teen Media Institute started producing stories in 2003 and has produced a full radio program called “In Other News” (ION) since 2004. The program ran once a month during the school year on KSKA 91.1 FM until January 2006. Now, it’s an hour long and airs live on KNBA 90.3 FM monthly, throughout the year.

AUDIO: ION history by Rob Stanley

“Some kids came in and wanted to do a show and it was just the coolest thing to have so many different people coming into the station. It just rounded out what KNBA should be all about, community.” -Loren Dixon, program director, KNBA

“It’s so much fun to hear real people on the radio, to hear real young people on the radio is always a thrill for me.” -Shana Sheehy, radio producer and founder of Alaska Teen Media Institute.

ION crew!

ATMI employs two full-time staff members. Rosey Robards is the ATMI director and Robert Stormo is assistant director.

ATMI reporters are between the ages of 12 and 19. As young journalists, they “mine their lives” for information, happenings and issues that teens in Alaska care about.

Students under 23 who have been involved with the ATMI program throughout the years have the distinguished title of ATMI Senior Reporters. These members frequently serve as mentors/instructors for younger students and occasionally contribute to ATMI radio programs.

ATMI welcomes volunteers who have a background and/or education in media production and previous experience working with youth. These volunteers might assist students with media projects and help in organizing community events and fundraising efforts.

Student producers follow a strict code of journalism ethics in determining show content.