Adam Rose-Levy

High School: West High, 2011
College: Chapman University, Film Production
Current City: Orange, CA
Occupation: Cinematographer

‘ATMI is a place to learn skills for life’

ATMI is a terrific organization that helped me find my voice and nurture my passion for multimedia. Through excellent guidance there, I got experience producing and sound mixing radio programs and making documentary films. The talented people behind Alaska Teen Media Institute have a fantastic program that really allowed me to discover what I was passionate about and served as an awesome outlet for me to spotlight cool happenings in the community, while allowing me to develop skills in sound design, mixing and filmmaking. The skills I learned there will last stay with me for life. It certainly helped me get where I am today. If you have the chance to work with ATMI and their wonderful staff, do it!

Audio: Wings n’ Things (October 2009)