Andrew Aquino

High School: South High, 2009
College: The Evergreen State College
Current City: Baltimore, Maryland
Occupation: Account Executive/Ad Sales at City Paper

‘ATMI is a purveyor of success’

I still talk about how ATMI has contributed to my being. The last time I spoke in-depth about ATMI was during my interview for my current job. I was asked to describe my passions. Rather than listing gerunds, I moved past what I felt strongly about to what inspired these feelings. WHY gives purpose to WHAT. I spoke of the blurred distinction between academics and hobbies – I made films in and out of class; I spoke of “Fa Show,” the radio program I produced in college; I spoke of my title as Productions Director for the college radio station. The roots from which these passions stem can be found in my history with ATMI.

ATMI was the first place I felt part of something. Unlike many hobbies that arise at an early age, I was not made to participate. ATMI wasn’t something I was told to do. I wanted to be there! ATMI was a clubhouse where I could play around with expensive equipment. In the guise of radio production, ATMI fostered so much more than technical skills. Through the creative processes, my friends and I learned life lessons that wouldn’t necessarily be taught in a traditional academic setting.

Of the many, here are three skills I expect every ATMI’er to effortlessly gain:

  • Responsibility– ATMI provided the opportunity to take pride in successes and assume ownership of what could have been better. Responsibility ensures growth.
  • Collaboration– I now enjoy pooling my strengths with those of others to effectively achieve success; I thrive when envisioning goals/tasks with a team; I feel accomplished when peers are proud of work I’ve done. Only through collaboration and teamwork, I’ve felt such pride.
  • Confidence– ATMI provided a vessel for me to share my ideas with the Anchorage community; more importantly, ATMI acted as a venue for me to share whom I was becoming.

I suppose I am attached to working with media as a passion, but more so, I am attached to the feelings and lessons associated with the work. Because of these, I have been given the opportunity to do great things – I see ATMI as a purveyor of this success.

I will always consider myself an ATMI kid.

Audio: My Interview with OK Go (February 2007)