Katie Zager

Audio: POWER Teen Clinic (May 2008)

High School: Service High, 2008
College: Macalester College, Bachelor of Arts in Geography
Current city: Charlotte, North Carolina
Current studies: Master Degree in Geography

“ATMI is relevant”

It’s been nine years since I produced my first ATMI story, and although I haven’t been on the air since high school, the stories I got to tell, and listen to, still inform my work today. I’m currently in graduate school, where my research focus is on how neighborhood of residence affects various health, social and economic outcomes. I’m currently gathering numerical data about hundreds of communities around Charlotte, and my experience at ATMI definitely helps to keep things in perspective. Stories myself and my ATMI colleagues have done around issues such as as teen health, homelessness, and community service, instilled in me a passion for local issues and desire to see progress. ATMI taught me that behind every statistic is a story, and whether your tools are maps or a microphone, it is important to tell these stories responsibly and with integrity.

Note: Katie was a news reporter and web editor for the college newspaper, “The Mac Weekly.” And she is planning to pitch some stories to her local public radio station soon, maybe she’ll pick up some freelance work.