Nithya Thiru

High School: Polaris K-12, 2010
College: UAA, Bachelor of Arts in History, minors in French and Political Science
Current City: Anchorage, Alaska
Occupation: KRUA News, Sports and Public Affairs Director

‘ATMI connects us’

When I first began working with ATMI, during high school, I was extremely shy. I was very hesitant to try out the medium of radio, but over the course of my time producing stories for “In Other News,” I grew to love contributing to the show. After graduating from high school, I embarked upon my college career, and eventually applied to work as a News Reporter at KRUA 88.1 FM. It was my time with ATMI that gave me the experience I needed to be a successful reporter. At KRUA, I have been given the opportunity to interview a number of well-known figures, such as Nobel Prize recipient David Shipler and comedian Mike Birbiglia. It is all thanks to ATMI that I flourished while doing so. ATMI gave me an enormous amount of confidence on air, and off. I will not forget it!

Audio: Refugees (June 2009)