Tonei Glavinic

High School: Steller Secondary, 2008
College: American University, Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies; Loyola University Chicago, Master of Arts in Social Justice and Community Development
Current city: Chicago, Illinois
Occupation: Graduate student, freelance education and research consultant

‘ATMI is awesome’

ATMI was one of the most incredible experiences of my time in high school. I’m still friends with people I worked with at ATMI, and I still talk about my radio, facilitation, and web design experiences – especially the time I got to be on NPR because of ATMI (Young Voters Find Their Political Voice -Feb. 2008)! I’m also now a part owner of a media company (Alaska Commons Media) and regularly draw on the things I learned during my time with ATMI when writing and making decisions about our work.

Audio: Gay-Straight Alliances (July 2008)